Dental Marketing and Dental Advertising

Sometimes people will easily confuse the terms marketing with advertising and take them as synonyms, but they actually represent completely separate strategies that you can use in your business. Thinking about the two terms as one will leave many aspects of marketing out of your promotion strategy, that’s why we consider it important for you to know what exactly makes the difference between the two.

What is the difference?

There is a tendency to think that marketing is just something that we can use to promote ourselves through the creation of different adds. Actually, marketing represents the entirety of our promotion strategy, that includes making and maintaining a social media profile, creating special promotions, reaching out to the community and so on. Everything we do to promote our business is considered part of our marketing mix.  Advertising is just one part of marketing and as such it has a limited scope of success. Creating ads for your company will certainly attract new customers but not merely enough as other forms of promotion that you can use to better your business. Using ads will make you present to some extent in different media channels but it will also restrict your complete outreach. This is mostly because of the nature of adds, they are short and restricted to a few channels of communication that are not powerful enough to cover a big part of the population.


Making a marketing mix that will include a strategy for advertising is the safest way for you to develop a good dental business. That being said if you depend just on the ads you are paying for to build up your clientele you will not have as much success as you would if you developed a marketing mix and followed through on the strategy. Therefore, the safest option for the promotion of your dental business is to create develop a good plan with multiple strategies that you will use all at once to attract more patients to your practice. Finding an expert or consulting the relevant literature will give you a better idea for the development of the marketing mix.